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Our Mission


Founded in 1999, CapSchell, Inc. is a business dedicated to the goal of preventing injury and death at work.  In 2007, we're entering our 8th year with a renewed commitment to working together with others to eliminate worldwide occupational injuries and fatalities.

Uncontrolled, unintentional energy release during operations, maintenance, and construction work is a focus of CapSchell, Inc.'s research, consulting, and educational technology services. 

The firm leads in creating accessible knowledge targeted to specific audiences. Data and interpretations are distributed using multi-media information transfer.

"The 21st Century is remarkable for the freedom we all have to share and learn as a community," notes Dr. Mary Capelli-Schellpfeffer, a principal with CapSchell, Inc. "With the Internet as a tool, we're working to promote health and safety through optimized performance in demanding environments."

Alliances permit CapSchell, Inc. to participate in a broad set of industrial, academic, and military initiatives to reduce occupational incidents. 

Three business divisions address diverse aspects of prevention:

bulletResearch & Education - Hazard understanding and mitigation for primary prevention.
bulletOccupational & Environmental Medicine - Diagnosis and treatment for secondary prevention. 
bulletTechnology Services - Multi-media information transfer to optimize performance.


Contact Information

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