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2007 IEEE Canada Safety Workshop and IEEE Electrical Safety Workshops in Calgary, Alberta February 


January 15, 2007 --  The IEEE IAS Technical and Mega Projects Workshop February 26-27 and t he IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop February 27- March 2 are planned for the Hyatt Regency and Telus Convention Center in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

The Mission of the IEEE IAS Technical and Megaprojects Workshop encourages the international electrical industry to become more engaged in electrical safety, technical advances, codes and standards, and execution of mega projects. The targeted audience includes people working in these areas:

bulletFacilities construction, operation, maintenance, process design
bulletElectrical safety services, training, continuing education, risk management
bulletRegulations, codes, standards, inherently safer product requirements

The Mission of the IEEE IAS Electrical Safety Workshop is to:

bulletAccelerate use of breakthrough improvements.
bulletStimulate innovation. 
bulletEnable sustainable prevention of electrical accidents and fatalities.

The Workshop is not a training course. Instead, the Workshop should be considered a learning forum for exchanging ideas and practical experiences involving knowledge, work practices and technology that advances electrical safety in the workplace. Attendees participate in interactive learning on the state of the art in electrical safety.  

Through multi-disciplinary presentations and cross-functional dialogue about the opportunities and challenges in general industry and construction electrical work, a "first time" participant can take away tools to aid in prioritizing their enterprise's compliance with US and IEC electrical codes and standards. 

A "repeat participant" can bring their tough questions to the Workshop Program for experts and peers to focus on real world electrical safety problems.

Besides the interaction through workshop presentations, attendees have the chance to leverage their travel budget by attending one or more of the electrical safety opportunities scheduled to complement the Workshop agenda.

For more information or to learn about these 2007 workshops, check the website at www.ewh.ieee.org/cmte/ias-esw



Release Keyword Definitions and Links

IEEE -     Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (www.ieee.org)

IAS -       Industrial Applications Society of the IEEE

NFPA -  National Fire Protection Association 

PCIC -    Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee of the IEEE IAS

IEC -       International Electrical Code



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